How to find out if your girlfriend is ready for the first kiss?
They say that women love their ears, no matter how. Yes, of course, female representatives love when praised, noticed their dignity and recognize that they are the most beautiful in…

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How to return a girl: we increase the attractiveness
Seduction is one of the most important stages of the return of a former girl. Unfortunately, after parting, all of your best features for her fade, giving way to the…

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Secrets of a happy marriage from a couple who lived together for 82 years
It's not easy to live for many years with one person. That is why the spouses, who lived in love and consent for an eternity, are infinitely inspired. We suggest…

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mature relationships

Motherhood today. Why is this the problem of all of us?

“What is it that you do not wear a hat on your mother! Do you not know that you need to put a baby hat on a child? “- every young mother encounters uninvited advice and, at first glance, there is nothing disastrous about it. Well, our older generation loves to teach young people – you can just skip past ears.

However, unpardonable advice – this is actually only the tip of the iceberg, only one of the manifestations of how our society relates to motherhood. Continue reading

How to return the former: we eliminate 6 bugs of relationships

The operation on the return of the former always resembles a difficult chess party: we judge precisely the steps, come up with tricky combinations, analyze the situation and make strategically important decisions.
On the way of conquering a former girl you have to change, become more attractive, return her interest to herself. But at the same time as pumping positive qualities, you still need to neutralize your negative traits. After all, they have given the acceleration of the collapse of your relations and have become the reason for the break. Therefore, before working with your bugs, we must accurately understand that in your behavior, it annoys and repels the former, which became the trigger that launched the program to cool it. Continue reading

Life: how not to ruin relationships because of the trifles

Feelings, dreams, plans after the first encounter with life often breaks down on reality. It turns out that the “native man” can be completely different from your ideas about life together. And it will not succeed in closing the eyes. Because you can avoid disputes about the destinies of mankind, but the question of who today is walking a dog or preparing a dinner can not be bypassed.
If you look deeper, it is precisely life at the encounter with life life that most immediately reveals the intolerance of the partners, their infantileness and the inability to negotiate. The man slammed the door because of a cold dinner, and the girl threw a guy from the sockets lying around the apartment? From the side – stupidity. But inside the relationship, these minor misses of the partner are regarded as indifference, dislike and the desire to play on the nerves. Why is this happening? Continue reading

He sent himself - he is returning
Every fifth or sixth case in my practice involves the return of girls whom the boys abandoned themselves. The situation seems rather strange, but in reality it is a very…


How exercises in Soroban affect the development of short-term and long-term memory
The development of memory greatly affects the success of the daily activities. With the help of short-term and long-term memory, we can accumulate, store, reproduce the knowledge and skills acquired.…