Family rituals
It's sad to admit, but there is a part of the families in which it is not accepted to have dinner together. And there are also those who combine food…

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Stop googling. Let's talk
You probably feel how modern technology captures our lives: just a couple of years - and here we can hardly imagine our day without gadgets and the Internet. Living communication…

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7 stages of marriage
atIt turns out th marriage consists of 7 stages. If the modern man knew about these seven stages - there would be no percentage of 80 divorces. 1st stage -…

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negative thoughts

Child without father

It all depends on the particulars, details and conditions of the existence of a particular family. However, often the solution to the question “whether it is possible to raise a child without a father” is based on two extremes, on two roots of incorrect mutually exclusive beliefs, which our society, including other specialists, operates in the most (depending on the situation).
The first postulate: “A child needs a father. Without a father, children will not grow up full”

In principle, of course, this is not without a common sense, but that’s precisely in principle. When you begin to move to specific situations, it’s time to panic at your head: this conviction is so severe. Continue reading

How to help negative people

Whatever happens, stay positive

Once on the way, I went to visit an old friend, but barely seeing him, I immediately felt a dark wave rolling on me. I almost instantly regretted that I stopped. Many times I tried to change the subject of conversation, but he constantly returned to complaints that he did not like in his life, in other people and in general in the world. So it was half an hour, I could no longer stand it and I had to leave. This man was a strong energy vampire who tried to persuade me to agree with all his imaginary troubles and to justify his position of victim. When I refused to join him in his home-made jail, his discontent became apparent, but he tried to persuade me once more, and even more energetically. He himself left the life he had set for himself. He was a victim because he considered himself a victim. Continue reading

Your girlfriend has found another

When a girl goes to another – it’s always a double blow. You are deprived of your beloved woman and you acquire the complex of the loser, who was exchanged for an incomprehensible man. Try not to ruin yourself with negative thoughts. If you are determined to return the former, look at the situation soberly and rationally. Not the fact that the one she left is objectively better than you. At the heart of her care can lie a whole range of reasons. Continue reading

How to return a girl: we increase the attractiveness
Seduction is one of the most important stages of the return of a former girl. Unfortunately, after parting, all of your best features for her fade, giving way to the…


Do you know what The guys go away, believe me, not from overgrown bikini zones. And not even from the tattered figures. Everything is much deeper. Let's pour coffee for…