how not to ruin relationships because of the trifles

Veronika Khatskevich, a psychologist, tells about dependencies
Dependent relationships can be called the curse of the modern era. Many people suffer from them today, and the main reason lies in the psychological separation of the child from…

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How to start a life from a blank sheet?
I think every person at least once in his life started a life of a clean sheet, but did you have a conceived idea? Did you achieve the desired goal?…

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Crisis periods in the development of the family
The family is the oldest institution of human interaction, a unique phenomenon. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that several people interact in the most direct way for a long…

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How to help negative people

Whatever happens, stay positive

Once on the way, I went to visit an old friend, but barely seeing him, I immediately felt a dark wave rolling on me. I almost instantly regretted that I stopped. Many times I tried to change the subject of conversation, but he constantly returned to complaints that he did not like in his life, in other people and in general in the world. So it was half an hour, I could no longer stand it and I had to leave. This man was a strong energy vampire who tried to persuade me to agree with all his imaginary troubles and to justify his position of victim. When I refused to join him in his home-made jail, his discontent became apparent, but he tried to persuade me once more, and even more energetically. He himself left the life he had set for himself. He was a victim because he considered himself a victim. Continue reading

Twenty years after the wedding

It’s very easy to create a good family: 1. Find a happy person. 2. Do not interfere with him.

So, different emotional tones and dependencies get married – and then they thoroughly thrash what happened. There are very characteristic scenarios of marriage. Here is a free set of the most typical variants. Perhaps a joke, and maybe a doctoral one. Continue reading

How not to become a mother for her own husband

Anya fell in love with the man of her dreams. Beautiful, gallant and very independent. “You will be behind him like a stone wall,” said her girlfriend. Cyril was older than her, caring for her beautifully: he dipped flowers, drove into restaurants, entertained and foresaw her slightest desires. However, from all desires, soon after, only one thing left: never to part with him. Continue reading

Male and female roles in the family

A real family can be depicted approximately as follows. Father is an outside circle, he is responsible for all the connections of the family with the outside world. For example, the family moves to a new apartment. A wife can calmly collect things, knowing what to look for a car, to negotiate with the loaders will be a husband. It is his duty. In any difficult situations to understand them there is a husband. Continue reading