how not to ruin relationships because of the trifles

3 important steps for self-development
Why do people generally need self-development? Parents bring up, schools are taught, employers give work, and still something needs to be done? And this is a personal choice. If the…

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Family dinner is more than food
In the mid-1990s, Marshall was asked to become a member of a new project devoted to myths and rituals in American families. "At that time, many studies were conducted on…

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Veronika Khatskevich, a psychologist, tells about dependencies
Dependent relationships can be called the curse of the modern era. Many people suffer from them today, and the main reason lies in the psychological separation of the child from…

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How to stop asking permissions?

Many women repeat the same mistake every day – they are constantly asking for permission. It can also be harmful to your family life, but when it comes to business, this mistake can greatly spoil your career by distorting your image.

We have decided to figure out what we can face with the fact that we are constantly asking for permission, and how to change it.

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Crisis periods in the development of the family

The family is the oldest institution of human interaction, a unique phenomenon. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that several people interact in the most direct way for a long time, dating back decades, that is, for the most part of human life. In such a system of intensive interaction, disputes, crises, conflicts can not arise. Continue reading

Motherhood today. Why is this the problem of all of us?

“What is it that you do not wear a hat on your mother! Do you not know that you need to put a baby hat on a child? “- every young mother encounters uninvited advice and, at first glance, there is nothing disastrous about it. Well, our older generation loves to teach young people – you can just skip past ears.

However, unpardonable advice – this is actually only the tip of the iceberg, only one of the manifestations of how our society relates to motherhood. Continue reading

Translation from male to female

Sometimes it seems to me that the perfect holiday of March 8 is described only in women’s magazines. Doubt is caused by the stories of some ladies about “perfect” husband and about “perfect celebration”. There is a suspicion that this is such a personal PR, due to which you can grow up in the eyes of friends. Because for many years of my practice I have not met women who would receive exactly what they wanted. Moreover, in fact, women themselves do not know what they want. And therefore, no living man will be able to satisfy their whims, demands, and meet their expectations. But why is this happening? Continue reading