how not to ruin relationships because of the trifles

Translation from male to female
Sometimes it seems to me that the perfect holiday of March 8 is described only in women's magazines. Doubt is caused by the stories of some ladies about "perfect" husband…

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How to help negative people
Whatever happens, stay positive Once on the way, I went to visit an old friend, but barely seeing him, I immediately felt a dark wave rolling on me. I almost…

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How to return a girl: we increase the attractiveness
Seduction is one of the most important stages of the return of a former girl. Unfortunately, after parting, all of your best features for her fade, giving way to the…

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How exercises in Soroban affect the development of short-term and long-term memory

The development of memory greatly affects the success of the daily activities. With the help of short-term and long-term memory, we can accumulate, store, reproduce the knowledge and skills acquired. Without memory structures, thinking, imagination and orientation in space would be impossible. In short-term memory, information is quickly perceived and stored, instantly reproduced, but is also quickly forgotten, while long-term memory stores important and necessary information for a long time. Continue reading

Veronika Khatskevich, a psychologist, tells about dependencies

Dependent relationships can be called the curse of the modern era. Many people suffer from them today, and the main reason lies in the psychological separation of the child from his parents, which has happened incorrectly. Such an injury will definitely make itself known in the future. Types of dependencies: what can be considered a norm The most obvious example of a normal interdependence is the time of childhood, especially the moment of appearance on light. Continue reading

Wild breed: 5 dogs found to be dangerous all over the world

You know, the ideas about love are different for everyone – someone adheres to the idea of ​​”beating, that is, he loves,” someone shouts “I can not live without him”, and someone is announcing a loud voice about his love with paintings where instead of paints blood Yes, this is also the case. Do you know what unites all 3 positions? This is not love, no matter how screaming about the opposite of the authors of such words, it is neurotic attachment and co-dependence in different stages of manifestation. Continue reading