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How to become an ideal girlfriend

It is not difficult to locate people.

The characteristics of people’s relationships are very complicated. And so that from the status of “acquaintance” to become a “friend”, it takes a lot of time. After all, trust does not arise on a flat ground. He deserves to be earned. Show that you are the person you can rely on.

This article discusses the basic rules that will help you to locate people, create friends. But remember that a friend is a state of mind. Therefore, do all that is n the article, sincerely, without hypocrisy.to be said i

So rule No. 1. Less criticism

You may not like the girlfriend’s blouse. Or her hairstyle. Or maybe you have different musical preferences. But this is not a reason to criticize. About the tastes are not argued. A sharp note will not cause positive emotions in the person, therefore it is better to leave your opinion differently at your own time.

Rule number 2. The opposite is the first – say more good things

It is not necessary to lie or hypocrite, to make compliments, if in fact you consider the very opposite. But if you think that the girlfriend did something good, do not hesitate to praise her. It will encourage and give confidence to any person.

Moreover, if you are good about people, they tend to fit your opinion about them.

Rule number 3. Become a good listener

Friends are called to support each other in a difficult moment and share joy. Therefore, be able to listen carefully. Sometimes, to help a person deal with grief, it is enough to simply listen to him. To interrupt, to put inappropriate replicas into conversation, to overcome their problems is something that can not be done in any case. Especially in dialogue with a girlfriend. Speak in turns. But never interfere with the interlocutor to finish the story.
Rule number 4. Respect someone’s opinion

If there is some misunderstanding in the relationship, be sure to discuss the problem, but with respect to someone else’s opinion. On the site weston.net.ua. You can buy Filters for water and water treatment systems. It’s not worth screaming: “You’re not right!”, Because if the dispute is tied up, the opponent thinks the same – that you are wrong. Therefore, in confusing situations do not try to blame, criticize. Understanding is the key to solving the problem. Sincere look at things from the point of view of another person.

Rule No. 5. If you are wrong, acknowledge this

Stubbornness is not a place in friendly relations. If you realize that they are wrong, there is nothing shameful in recognizing it. A much stupid thing will look like a controversy when you understand that your point of view is wrong, but continue to defend it.

Rule number 6. Be support and support

A friend is a person who can be trusted. So try to keep a close friend in his aspirations. Help him when he needs it. Earn trust and do not make you doubt that you are a reliable person.

If you trust the secret, keep it as yours. Do not tell anyone, otherwise it can lead to very bad consequences. Yes, and finally, imagine how would you feel if you shared something with your girlfriend, and she in turn discussed your secret with someone else? This is very unpleasant. Because when you want to do a not very good act in relation to a person, first imagine that you would feel yourself, being in his place.

In controversial situations, take the side of your girlfriend. If she has a disagreement with someone, even if she is to blame, it is not necessary for an outsider to point out her mistakes. From the eye to eye, you can make a sound comment, share your gaze on the circumstances. In mild form. But in no case is it public! It can make a bad impression on all parties to the conflict. And spoil a warm relationship.

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