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Translation from male to female

Sometimes it seems to me that the perfect holiday of March 8 is described only in women’s magazines. Doubt is caused by the stories of some ladies about “perfect” husband and about “perfect celebration”. There is a suspicion that this is such a personal PR, due to which you can grow up in the eyes of friends. Because for many years of my practice I have not met women who would receive exactly what they wanted. Moreover, in fact, women themselves do not know what they want. And therefore, no living man will be able to satisfy their whims, demands, and meet their expectations. But why is this happening?

Stop there, go here
Each of us awaits an ideal man who can combine all the qualities we need in ourselves. But the wishes of women are very controversial. We want both expensive gifts and the money that a man must bring to the family, while demanding that he devote all his time to us. We want to be weak with a strong man, but yet he must obey us and obey us. We strive for reliability and get tired of predictability, we desire adoration, and at the same time we insist that the husband occupy a “position from above”, because otherwise we are not interested. This list can be continued indefinitely. And the man who is next to us starts to break his head: how to behave? After all, it’s almost impossible to understand what a woman wants.

Historical process
The origins of our demands are in centuries. In ancient times, marriage was quite pragmatic. Having given his daughter married, the father of the girl transferred her future spouse to responsibility for her safety and material well-being. And women from generation to generation expected only this from their husbands, and no feelings of speech did not go. An emotional relationship could be with a fan who cared for a married woman, wrote poems to her, or sang a serenade under the window. And women learned the principle: the husband is the one who provides material goods and social status. Not without reason, our classic wrote that the word “man” consists of “husband” and “china”.

If you look even further, in the depths of millenia, we will see a similar picture: every day a man was selected into a dangerous, hostile world, hunting, risking his life, bringing food to women and children, and protecting them from enemies. The role of a woman was predetermined by nature: to nurture and raise children. And this order of things was preserved for hundreds of thousands of years. Everyone appreciated the work of another: a man was not considered indifferent, if he did not talk with a woman, he did not need to “analyze the relationship”, and the woman did not reproach him that he had turned her into a servant and could also carry the garbage himself or feed the child .

“Dear, if you love me, then you must have me!”
For which they fought
But over the last hundred years, when issues of survival have shifted to the background, the relationship between a man and a woman began to rely on the principle of mutual pleasure, on love. But emotional relationships do not involve agreements on the distribution of roles. How to be After all, at women’s genetic level it is written: a husband is a solution to all problems. Accordingly, we, women, began to tie the functions of her husband to love. “Dear, if you love me, then you must have me!” When a woman gained a right to self-determination and achieved a certain social status, the marriage institute turned out to be in a very difficult situation. For the first time in the history of mankind, most men and women do not know exactly what their role is in marriage. Very often we live by the principle “I am a woman, so you have to, plus I’m also successful in business and I can secure myself, and therefore you need me even more.” And even if we do not say it aloud, we feel that way.

The diagnosis is android
In the 21st century, women began to judge the well-being of their personal lives by male criterion of success: to win, to receive as much material as possible, to put everything under its control. And it destroys them and leaves them dissatisfied. Indeed, over the millennia, evolution has made them women, and therefore they will never enjoy the realization of ambitions on a male-type basis. That is, the minutes of enjoyment of external power, of course, will be, and true female happiness – no. Exiting this neurotic situation for a woman is – it is worth switching the search for happiness from the outside world to the inner world. Our contemporaries are accustomed to striving for male goals, competing with a strong floor at work and at home. Is this necessary? The male ego, faced with the opposing, crashes everything in its path! And in the world of relationships he is ready to play according to our rules. Men often tell their friends: “What I will do, it is not happy with everyone.” This is enough to break the relationship and go to another woman who will show him that he is happy with him. If a woman appreciates his efforts, then this serves as a confirmation of success. If she is happy, he is satisfied. Therefore, the best we can do for our partner is to love ourselves.
Do what it should
Success in a family life is 100% dependent on a woman. If she takes full control of the relationship, the thread

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