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How to stop asking permissions?

Many women repeat the same mistake every day – they are constantly asking for permission. It can also be harmful to your family life, but when it comes to business, this mistake can greatly spoil your career by distorting your image.

We have decided to figure out what we can face with the fact that we are constantly asking for permission, and how to change it.

Why do women always ask for permission?

Most often we ask permission for habit, as we consider that we act more correctly. We believe that a question will be heard more softly than an affirmation – and we are right! So we manage to avoid responsibility, because the one who allowed it – that is responsible!

We, women, sometimes ask permissions in such situations, when everything is so clear. Imagine that the boss asks permission from a business woman who already has the right to sign – well, is not it funny?
What threatens us with constant requests for permission?

Who is asking permissions most often? Of course, kids! And we, asking for permissions, too, are likened to a child, a “good girl”, forgetting that we have already grown and become confident in our aunts. And, so, we downplay our significance for business and pre-configure ourselves with what we will be denied. And we are denied!

Men are never asking for permission when they are about to do something. They make an impression of self-confident people who are not afraid to take risks. They are proactive workers. And the bosses appreciate it!
And we can not make a career in any way and we do not understand why.

In a family life in constantly questioning is also not everything smooth. First, a wife, and a step not able to step without the permission of her husband, many men are very annoying.

And secondly, you, as little girls, cease to appreciate, with you cease to be considered.
How to stop asking permissions?
Define the framework for self-acting in your post. Clarify them from the bosses and act within them without asking for permissions! Believe me – in this way, you will greatly simplify the work of your superiors, who will surely appreciate the initiative within the established framework.
Act like men: do not ask, but inform others about your actions. With this you enter them in the course of the business, but do not allow yourself to depend on their approval.
Keep negotiating with a stronger position. If people are against, they will tell you about it.
It is difficult for many women to use assertions, because it still sounds too firm. Try to “soften them” using additional phrases: not “I will prepare a report for the client”, and “I plan to prepare a report for our client. When I complete it, I would like to know your opinion, and then I will speak with the client ”
Do not torture people with additional questions that you know the answers to (answers, by the way, you can ask yourself). Ask only what is really needed.
Replace the following phrases: “Can I work tomorrow at home? I need to bring the fridge after lunch “to the following:” I want to inform you that tomorrow I will work at home. I will get big purchases. ”
Be Respectful, But Independent.

The same thing applies to family life. Try to be more solid and you will see that people have started to respect you more!

And remember that for the sake of success it is not necessary to be stingy – simply simply stop being a “good girl”! (c) Lois P. Frankel, author of the best selling “Good girls do not succeed in business.”

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