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atIt turns out th marriage consists of 7 stages. If the modern man knew about these seven stages - there would be no percentage of 80 divorces. 1st stage -…

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It's not easy to live for many years with one person. That is why the spouses, who lived in love and consent for an eternity, are infinitely inspired. We suggest…

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Male and female roles in the family

A real family can be depicted approximately as follows. Father is an outside circle, he is responsible for all the connections of the family with the outside world. For example, the family moves to a new apartment. A wife can calmly collect things, knowing what to look for a car, to negotiate with the loaders will be a husband. It is his duty. In any difficult situations to understand them there is a husband.

Mother is a circle, almost entirely covering children, it’s all in the family and in children. The wife is the keeper of a home hearth. The situation in the house depends on her. What kind of hang on curtains in the kitchen, what to make on them folds, what to cook for lunch, what clothes to buy children urgently – it’s better to solve his wife.
You do not have to do the root of the branch, but the roots of the branches.

Yes, time is hard now. Once I talked with the girls about the family, and we touched on the topic where they want to go to study. Everyone definitely wanted to get a prestigious profession and only then to marry, so that in case they disagreed with her husband, they were able to feed themselves and the child. I tried to explain to them that something is wrong here, that their task is to prepare themselves to become a worthy wife and mother. But it was useless. The men in their eyes were too unreliable to rely on them.

There is a closed circle. Women become decisive, punctuated, so that they do not depend on men. And men, when they see too independent women, subconsciously and at all lose all responsibility: “You can not worry about it, it’s not a blunder, you will not be offended.”

One parishioner after a conversation with her about who was the head of the family, was disturbed for a long time: “I have been preparing my life for an active life, to be the first, to achieve everything. My husband did not support any of my beginnings. In the garden, in the garden – everywhere I plowed one. He always accused him of being irresponsible, because he does not empathize with me and does not care about anything. And now I understand that it’s the fault itself. After all, I did not in any way inferior to him, always insisted on his own, in all the trivialities he sought recognition of his rightness. ” A woman can kill her husband with masculinity if she does not want to be feminine.
In families, there are very rarely situations in which only one party is guilty of disagreement. Almost always guilty are both spouses. My husband changed, he left the family, it would seem, everything is simple, he is bad and in all the fault. But often, things are much more complicated. You begin to talk to your husband, and it turns out that he is in many respects right and is partly a victim of his wife’s behavior. For example, a wife is very respectful of her parents, which is not bad in itself. But if the word of parents for her is more important than the words of her husband, then the family collapses.

If in the decision of important questions the opinion of parents outweighs any arguments of the husband, it is already abnormal. Indeed, in the Bible, the Lord says: “And the man will leave the father and mother and adhere to his wife, and two will be one in the flesh.” Note: “leave father and mother.” And if, in addition, the spouses live in an apartment donated by the parents of the wife, then the case is completely bad. Several conflicts with his wife, when she takes the position of her parents, a few reproaches that you (the husband) live at the expense of my parents and must thank them for it – and the family completely collapses. In such a family, the head is no longer a husband, but his wife’s parents.
In the right family, from the moment when the spouses have signed up in the registry office, for the wife the husband’s opinion is a law, and for the husband the interests of his wife and children are above all else.
One can safely assert that a woman is revealed in all her beauty only when, next to her, a reliable husband, after which she is like a stone wall. Otherwise, her soul begins to “stone”. And the man for his part is transformed if a gentle and caring wife is next to him.

Spouses, who correctly perform their role in the family, can really change or correct another. A man, being courageous, makes a wife feminine. A wife, being feminine, can make her husband the head of his family.
Men and women have different gifts. For example, the artist has a special gift – a subtle visual flair, the musician’s gift is a subtle rumor. Everyone should use his gift. It will be ridiculous if the musician starts to envy the artist and will take a brush. It is better for everyone to develop their gift given to him by God.

The theme of equality between men and women is now often heard, and feminist organizations that are struggling for women’s rights are active. But do not forget that the differences between the sexes stem from the device of the family, and any blow to these differences will be a blow to the family.

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