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Twenty years after the wedding

It’s very easy to create a good family: 1. Find a happy person. 2. Do not interfere with him.

So, different emotional tones and dependencies get married – and then they thoroughly thrash what happened. There are very characteristic scenarios of marriage. Here is a free set of the most typical variants. Perhaps a joke, and maybe a doctoral one.

Remember from the textbook on the biology of crossbreeding of the Mendel peas? I crossed here too – the degree of dependence. The following “Kurdyumov-Mendel table” is obtained. The white color – as if tight friendship, black – respectively, a deaf dependence on the bottom of the scale, that is, wild love, well, and gray is something of an average when a person sizeth and thinks about equally.

It is not without reason that it is supposed that low-tone guys are more and more dependent. True, encountering a very “clear defender”, and high-tone can crack in the ear – but he usually has enough intelligence to understand and optimize the situation.

Freedom is going on a nice trip, on
the question “Are you for a long time?” sincerely replied: “I do not know!”.

Young such guys marry in rare cases – as a rule, the mind is not enough. You begin to appreciate the high tone already after the combat experience, when the horn on the head is not very high among the cones. And it’s a pity. There were girls – friends on the board, and it was very cool together – but there was no coquetry with them, there were no passions, and the dependencies shouted: “We want to wound !!!” – and we safely married to others, and a hundred times remembers those friends, have not yet understood their “love”, who could. Ah, they are cool! Well, the main conclusions are correct, right? ..

Friendship is, to a greater degree, a union of personalities than reactive conditions. Both are very self-sufficient. They were together for a long time, they found out that they were going one way – and went. They saw that it was interesting and great both together – and stayed together. Traditions and morals here “do not play a big role.” Making a marriage, as a rule, too: it does not change anything.

True marriage for the calculation. Calculation concrete: to create love and happiness of each to a maximum. At the heart of the alliance are common interests and goals, about which it was time to agree in detail. What to expect from each other – also know: it was time to understand and in this.

To create and strengthen relationships is natural, like breathing. Character features are accepted without reservations – partnership pays off everything. Tenderness and adoration are more than sufficient, but the main thing is reliable and constant. Fidelity is natural: there are no alternatives, and they do not need anyone.

Communication is extremely open. Mutual fear is zero. Both understand: they are real, real, they are interesting to each other. No forced masks and hidden themes. It is impossible to sweat: any insomnia instantly becomes clear. Desires are not hidden, emotions are free. Fun jokes, studs and studs only decorate life: both have a wonderful sense of humor.

Both are busy with an interesting business, and often one; the house is open to friends; free time – travel and different hobbies.

Health at the height – they are able to create it, and the old people do not become.

Children are born without strain. Parents are less manageable – and cool with them. Childhood grows freely, develops early and receives a good education – coupled with invaluable experience of parenting partnerships.

In all circumstances, they remain closest people and support each other in everything. “And they lived for a long time and happily …”


Happiness – when you understand … to a certain degree.

Everything is safe here: high-tone – the leader, with pleasure cares and pleases the partner, and at that, the lovers, there is enough mind to not interfere and to pull for it. Guarantee of success: the leader will not choose a fool, which is impossible to live with. Communicate and build relationships confidently – the leader stimulates sincerity. Both are in fact, and both are happy. Children grow in love, they are well-groomed and developed. So much creativity, friends, impressions and fun.
Such families do not part: one loves much, another loves and is very attached. Until the very old age they live a lot of fun and full time.


Mature love: hugged, calmed down, fell asleep …

The standard safe family, which is an absolute majority. Anxiety and the presence of jealousy cause a degree of quarrel; normal mutual understanding and common interests – to the extent of joy. The love passes quickly. Relations are built on morality – that is, they swim along the stream, sometimes stuffing the bumps of the crap. There are hidden themes to which the eyes are closed. At the moments of special acuity unite children, household, sympathy for each other and the ease of life.

Life flows within established traditions – they are equally real for both. Model citizens and members of the community. Very busy and subject to fluidity. Trying to live “no worse than others.” Get up Health is sometimes haughty – then hope for doctors. On the journey, the drive was enough only in youth; Now they are content with feasts, baths, fishing and shish kebabs.

Children are ordinary – well-off, grow without problems, but the ability to communicate with parents is weak, and the street

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