Child without father
It all depends on the particulars, details and conditions of the existence of a particular family. However, often the solution to the question "whether it is possible to raise a…

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Lonely Moms - Who Are They?
Women, due to the circumstances of bringing up a child without husband, taking into account contemporary global trends, today is very much. Meanwhile, in our ordinary lives, such a mother…

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Twenty years after the wedding
It's very easy to create a good family: 1. Find a happy person. 2. Do not interfere with him. So, different emotional tones and dependencies get married - and then…

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How to make family life happier?

For the Husband
1. Do you continue to look after your wife, do you bring flowers from time to time, do you remember the day of her birth, the anniversary of your wedding, do you give her unexpected signs of attention, or do you show tenderness abruptly?

2. Do you always beware of criticizing it in the presence of outsiders?

3. Do you give her money in addition to household maintenance, so that she can spend it exclusively at her own discretion?

4. Are you trying to understand the changes that are peculiar to a woman in her mood and help her during fatigue, nervousness and irritability?

5. Do you spend half your free time with your wife?

6. How tactful is it for you to refrain from comparing how your wife is preparing food and conducting a housekeeping, with how your mother or wife of a certain Bill Johns does, unless such a comparison is not in the interest of your wife?

7. Do you have a clear interest in her intellectual life, her clubs and societies, the books she reads, and her views on social issues?

8. Can you allow her to dance and receive friendly signs of attention from other men without jealousy?

9. Do you use every opportunity to praise her and express your admiration for her?

10. Do you thank her for the small services she provides to you, for example, for sewing buttons, dapping socks, and sending your clothes to cleaning?

For Women
1. Do you give your husband full freedom in his official affairs, do you refrain from criticizing his colleagues, his choice of secretary and the order of his day?

2. Do you have all that depends on you so that your home is interesting and attractive?

3. Do you diversify your home menu so that when you sit down at the table, your husband never knew what to expect?

4. Do you understand enough about the performance of your husband to discuss it with him and help him with his advice?

5. Are you courageous and able to bear financial difficulties without criticizing your husband for his mistakes and not making comparisons unfriendly to more lucky people?
6. Do you make special efforts to get along with his mother or other relatives?

7. Are you dressed in the light of your husband’s taste in the color and style of your dresses?

8. Are you in the interest of conserving consent for concessions with slight discrepancies in opinion?

9. Are you trying to learn the games your husband loves to spend his free time with him?

10. Do you keep track of current events, new books and new ideas to keep your intellectual interest in your husband?

Seven rules, the observance of which
will make your family
life is happier
Rule 1. No need to scratch.

Rule 2. Do not try to change your spouse.

Rule 3. Do not criticize.

Rule 4. Express your sincere appreciation to each other.

Rule 5. Give each other little attention.

Rule 6. Be warned.

Rule 7. Read a good book on the sexual side of married life.

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