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Super Mom!

At work it is often necessary to delay, as there are so many things, and money for all the charms of life as always is not enough. Never even go to the store and buy items of necessity, but you must forget about the tasty and healthy food.

After a hard working day, your child instead of pleasing parents with good behavior, arranges scenes, picks up in a plate, does not want to remove toys, and all your attempts to send him to bed turn into a real scandal in which you suffer not only you and the child, but also neighbors

You are more likely to visit the thoughts that something in your life is not so; instead of the joy of communicating with your own child, you only got into trouble. How to achieve the desired harmony in communicating with your child? After all, it is just necessary, and not only to you, but also to the little one.

In life we ​​always have to make a choice. When you give up your career, you will not make your child happy, but you should sometimes, if possible, not process over the schedule and come home early with a clear conscience. While spending time in a kindergarten throughout the working week, the child needs a lot of warmth and attention to the parent, and the evening whims are beyond that confirmation.

If you really love your baby, then you should think about how often you spend time with him (not counting cooking lunches, the soul before bedtime and the road to the garden). How often do you play together, walk, just talk? As a rule, after a detailed analysis, mummy becomes ashamed. Instead of wasting time for scruples of conscience and regretting the unfulfilled, it is better not to delay any moment to act.

Here are some suggestions for those who want to change their lives for the benefit of themselves and the child:

1. Even if you are very busy, time for a child should always be!

The hard working day postpones its imprint. So try to get home, leave behind care and work connected with work. Think of a ritual for yourself, which will help you get rid of the hard thoughts, relax and recharge yourself with energy and energy for the evening in the family circle.

For example, you can take a shower with aroma oils or lie down for 10 minutes on the bed under the sounds of nature or your favorite music. For someone, a great way to relax is to have a foot bath and a tea mug with a lemon. The main thing is that this ritual enters into your life and helps to restore strength.

2. After you were charged with positive energy and thought about your loved one, it’s time to remember about the family. As a rule, do not avoid cooking dinner in the evening.

If on the eve to think about what to cook, take care of defrosting meat, buying the necessary ingredients, cooking takes much less time. When cooking, do not expel a child from the kitchen, because he will be happy to take part in the process. Think of a thing that the baby can do independently: wash dishes, clean eggs for salad, etc.

Learn to trust him, talk more often about the fact that without him you would not have been doing so well. The baby will feel its significance, will get the necessary skills in life, and most importantly – will spend time with you.

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