Translation from male to female
Sometimes it seems to me that the perfect holiday of March 8 is described only in women's magazines. Doubt is caused by the stories of some ladies about "perfect" husband…

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Stop googling. Let's talk
You probably feel how modern technology captures our lives: just a couple of years - and here we can hardly imagine our day without gadgets and the Internet. Living communication…

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Wild breed: 5 dogs found to be dangerous all over the world
You know, the ideas about love are different for everyone - someone adheres to the idea of ​​"beating, that is, he loves," someone shouts "I can not live without him",…

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What does a woman need? Female look

The family, she needs something to share and joys and the hardships of life with a loved one! In the family, we sometimes become demanding and capricious, but since living with a loved one, we need his sincere attention … We need him like in the air, without him our family life is defective!

So, we, regardless of nationality and religion, age and status, need Romanticism! And who knows what that is? Direction in art or banal dinner with candles? Or maybe a surprise in the form of an unexpected gift or “star from the sky”? But about our feminine need in it, in this very “romance”, some men are guessing, and we still have not enough of it.

What exactly do we lack? If we summarize all the definitions in this topic, then it turns out that “romance” is “the rise and idealization of reality,” as well as the “pathos of struggle and accomplishments”! “Romanic” means “emotionally elevated and dreamy”. That’s precisely this woman and not enough! Something inspired, beautiful and important.

Still, we, women, need a lot of Tenderness. After all, it is not for nothing that we, by nature, are fragile, tender and refined creatures! So the approach to us should be the same. Such tenderness has no relation to sex for us! This can be more accurately compared to the feelings we express to our children or pets. The man wants to show tenderness, only as part of the prelude to sex, and sometimes refuses to do so. As a result, many ladies go to extra-intrusive intimate relationships, simply consciously wishing to be excited.

And treason … Maybe the reason is also just a lack of tenderness? Did not this give reason to think men? Indeed, a woman can truly experience physical unity with a man only after she feels a tenderness to herself! Many husbands remember passionate encounters with their women during courting and do not understand why they do not behave the way they behaved when they were not together.

Men, your loved one does not behave so much because you do not treat her like before. Well, at least arrange a joint evening walk or look at the film that she picks up … Well, the phone call from work is generally self-evident. When you show tenderness to a woman, you seem to say to her: “I care for you and protect you, you are important to me, and I do not want anything to happen to you, I care about your problems, and I am with you. I believe that you are doing everything well and I’m proud of you! ”

We, women, very need communication. This means that we want to talk with your beloved and the only one, the best, the most powerful, intelligent and worthy person of all! To speak honestly, openly, and at the same time, he, beloved, must and in all should understand and support us, because he loves us! It is also important for us to know what his plans are and what problems he has, what he likes and what he is afraid of, in general, all that he has in his head.

Unfortunately, men are more often afraid of opening their beloved women. Perhaps this is due to public stereotypes concerning the particularities of boys’ upbringing. Indeed, the fathers tell their sons that they did not show their feelings to others, they were strong and responsible! And as a result, these children simply close and hide their true emotions, including from their parents.

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