Lonely Moms - Who Are They?
Women, due to the circumstances of bringing up a child without husband, taking into account contemporary global trends, today is very much. Meanwhile, in our ordinary lives, such a mother…

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Lonely Moms – Who Are They?

Women, due to the circumstances of bringing up a child without husband, taking into account contemporary global trends, today is very much. Meanwhile, in our ordinary lives, such a mother and such a family cause associations with a not-quite “normal” situation – the mother, but lonely, the family – but not full.

The reasons for this relationship are many and they are rooted deep enough. One of them, for example, – simply biological – the feeding and pestle of offspring in highly developed animals proceeds – with different variations-nevertheless mainly with the participation of a male. In other words, parity is simply prescribed biologically. The other one is connected with the patriarchal nature of our society and the foundations which, one way or another, but still strongly affect. To become pregnant outside of marriage and then to one with a child – a similar situation still causes some thoughts on breaking the foundations of morality, illegal passion, extra-marital relations. In general – to any gate, shame and violation of the generally accepted rules, or simply not “everything like humans”.

The modern inhabitants of the metropolis are certainly more free and seemingly far from patriarchal ideas about morality and sexual relations. On the other hand, but if we keep in mind those perfect schemes that are drawn in the head under the influence of glossy magazines and in general a competitive way of life imposed on all the same patriarchal nature, where the main motto is – everywhere I have everything well, I could everywhere – and at work and in the family, I have everything right, then “staying alone with a child” is such an uncontestable, but clearly perceived social loss, which is viewed as possible and polite, but with a touch of pity.

Its a story

Who are they, these lonely moms?

It is very conditional to single out several categories of women who are the only parent, then when biologically known to them, there are two. Each of these categories faces its own difficulties, each with its own risk zone.

The first category is often very young girls. And often it means not age in general, but the status of “non-grown” daughter, who “such happened”. All the events associated with pregnancy occur as if in the thick of the parent’s family of the future mother, in fact, she still did not separate from her, often lives with her parents. Often the consequence of such a situation is, in essence, the appearance of a new child in the parent’s family. Guardianship, taking on the role of mother as grandmothers, often – relieving the care of a young mother associated with the motherhood, which still needs to “make life.”

Imagine a charming red-haired seventeen-year-old girl. At the reception for a psychologist, she came with her mother, held her by the hand, and during the conversation, then sobbing, she began to smile brightly, telling how she had come up with everything well already.

Similar situations create ambiguous attitudes. It is clear that it becomes acceptable, in such a family and with the girl himself a lot of changes must occur – the young mother must grow up in accordance with the real life situation, And this is not easy and, in this case, means “run” of certain life stages as if in accelerated pace.

The second category is women who have a pregnancy as the result of a so-called planned lonely motherhood. They deliberately decided to give birth to themselves, prepared for it morally, and often – quite thoroughly financially. Nevertheless, in spite of them, they may turn out to be equally psychologically fragile than women with an arc of a vital situation. This is due to their previous life, and the possible personal failures accumulated by this time. They are built up and supported by expensive clinics, weighted decisions and the world of life prepared by a single mother can be very unstable.

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