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Do you know what The guys go away, believe me, not from overgrown bikini zones. And not even from the tattered figures. Everything is much deeper. Let’s pour coffee for ourselves, let’s talk about the souls. And of course, men are not removed from responsibility for acts that they do not commit, and the wife is already in a state of despair, that the man does not take responsibility for himself and his family.

About half of my thirty-year-old acquaintances have already divorced. Among those for whom forty, such 80%. Often the cause of divorce is a woman. Aunts sigh: I removed my hair from the bikini zone with wax. And he went to the gym regularly. I’m all such a treasure, but he still went away. What’s up ?!

Do you know what The guys go away, believe me, not from overgrown bikini zones. And not even from the tattered figures. Everything is much deeper. Let’s pour coffee for ourselves, let’s talk about the souls.

Men and women perceive the house differently. For a woman, the house is its element, its kingdom, where everything should be perfect. Her cross, her battle, can be said.

When a woman sees in the house non-ideal, sirens are triggered in her head.

IUUIUIUIUIUI !!!!!!!!!!!! Attack! Attempt! Reduced defensiveness! Urgently throw all the power to eliminate the interference! Iuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!

And she as a general makes a decision. We remember that within the home she feels like at work, or even more important. Very important and responsible.

“An ordinary man!” In battle! Eliminate cat toilet! Win a Christmas tree!

But she can not say so, though this subconsciously happens. Therefore, she just says something like this:

– Well, what are you doing, huh? The fir tree can not endure, the whole house is in needles! And the cat toilet is all messed up with you!

If there is still a mother-in-law in the house, which, coming to the young couple, also subconsciously perceives the house as her own, and the wife submits her to the rank, is still worse.

The number of sirens sounding in the house – IUIUIUIUIUIUI !!!!!!!!!!!! – doubles!

What is a man’s house? The house is a cave in which it can hide from the storms of life. Reliable shelter, rear. The only source of rest.

This contradiction in the careless, insensitive wife can lead to rabies! I came to rest, but there is something like that.

Therefore, I would advise ladies to remember this difference when planning homework. And do not be too enthusiastic about your desire to do everything perfect, especially with the hands of a husband.

I generally think that a man has the right to get the following things from his own woman. They allow you to make a home the way it should be for a man, a place of rest.

§ Respect. He must be sure of 1000% of the percentage that nobody will call him a scapegoat, a loser, a lazy woman at home. Not to mention the worst epithets. Never disregard for her husband anyway. As, however, you should not tolerate and disrespect for yourself. And if you allow yourself to cry out in your hearts something like: here’s a dude, again, you can not do anything, you stand in one’s leg in divorce.
§ Silence. Yes, the husband has the right to receive a portion of silence at home. This is the place where he can sleep and relax a bit from the storms of life. I understand, it is impossible to reach the ideal. But you can at least artificially not increase the amount of noise in the house? No hounding tedium, no notations, no hordes. Take his dream, keep his silence. When you break silence with your cries and grumbling, you are almost standing in divorce with two legs.
§ Beauty and harmony. You will now say that it is sexism, but I believe that a husband has the right to aesthetically pleasing, following his wife. And to a clean cozy house. Now the talk about separating homework in a working pair begins. But in such an extreme case there are cleaners who come once a week, sometimes it’s easier to pay a couple hundred for cleaning and forget.
§ Energy. House, it’s a place to recharge its batteries. So, there should be everything in the house that can compensate for the energy lost to them. His favorite food. The opportunity to watch a good movie. Possibility to take a fragrant bath. Loving wife, in which the interest in life was not extinguished …
Of course, there are duties for a man too. But this is a completely different story.

And all that is required of a woman is to turn the house into a place of rest, not a place of constant warfare!

Do you think this is an overwhelming requirement for a woman?

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