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How to find out if your girlfriend is ready for the first kiss?

They say that women love their ears, no matter how. Yes, of course, female representatives love when praised, noticed their dignity and recognize that they are the most beautiful in the whole white world. But men, as it would not have been strange, more than love compliments and praise in their address. It is possible from many women now to hear such a phrase: “You want to keep a peasant – praise him!” Good advice, but a little unfinished. There are some rules when giving praise. Of course, they can be neglected, but if you want to make a pleasure to your young man and not make him think: “Was this a compliment at all ?!”, then this is all for you.

Here are some of our tips for the right praise of your man:

1. Without a rough flattery! Naturally, everything must be moderate and compliments too. For example, imagine the situation: you and the young man go from the store. He carries one box of candies. And then you say to him: “My God, you are so strong. How do you strain your muscles? How did you help me, without you I could not have done it! “After such a man, at least, he will not feel clever and not pleasant. But when you go from the bazaar, and the man carries 12 kilograms of potatoes, then obviously you need to praise him. You can tell him: “Thank you, dear, you helped me a lot.” If the situation allows, you can whisper in his ear that he has very tense hands and you are very much start. After this, believe me, the man will be happy every Saturday to go with you to the bazaar. And he is pleased to help you too.

2. All right! Compliments should be obligatory, but do not overdo it. You do not have to repeat the man every minute, that his muscles make you crazy. Once a day, twice a week, look at the situation themselves. If you praise all the time without delay, then your young man will take it for granted, and do not expect anything good from that. Your compliment should be for a man, as a gift, and not as a simple phrase. Remember this!

3. Be original! You do not need to say the following phrases like “You are so kind, sincere, good, etc.” Focus on something unique, for example, on his press or mind (for men, this is very important). For example: “Dear, you have a great press. I like it! ” No need to speak templates, think of something!

4. Pray that which is important! It is important to praise what is important to the man, and not what he hears every day from his mother or grandmother: “Oh, what are your long cilia, I would be so!” First, the man does not feel like a man, and, secondly, this is not his dignity, because he did nothing, so that his eyelashes, for example, were incredible lengths. Make a compliment to what the man has achieved. For example, pressed the press with cubes. For him, the praise of his press will be much nicer than any eyelashes that he does not care.

5.Complete compliments! If a woman needs to praise her, and not what she does, then men are, on the contrary, more enjoyable if they pay attention to action and result, but not to himself. For example, a man removed in the apartment, make a compliment not to him, but his deed. Say: “Dear sir, thank you. The apartment just shines and it will be easier for me. I am very pleased! ”

6.Vazhnost! Men need to feel important to their girlfriend, especially if they have recently come together and need to impress on a representative of the opposite sex. Ask the man about something and definitely say at the end that you could not handle it without him! An effective way to fall in love with a man, so that girls take him to a note.

Here are the easy-to-use rules that you need to use to rejoice you and your young person. Praise your man and take advantage of our rules and, believe me, the man will be at your feet. Succeeding for you and love!

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