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Secrets of a happy marriage from a couple who lived together for 82 years

It’s not easy to live for many years with one person. That is why the spouses, who lived in love and consent for an eternity, are infinitely inspired.

We suggest finding out the history of one of these couples.

In the family of Nicholas and Raphael Ordaz, romance plays a decisive role. A couple, originally from California, USA, recently celebrated the 82nd anniversary of a joint life. Nicholas was 102 years old and Rafael celebrated his 100th anniversary in October last year.

“Their parents also lived for many years in a happy marriage. Our family does not know what a divorce is at all, “says Letizia Ordaz, one of the many grandchildren of the couple. – Education of family values ​​is a very important part of culture. ”

Five generations came to celebrate the anniversary of the marriage, but, despite such a mess around them, the eyes of the lovers looked only at each other.

“They are still madly in love. And it’s hard to miss, says Ordaz. – In all the photographs they hold hands or steal trying to kiss each other. During the holiday grandfather suddenly embraced her grandmother and said loudly: “Rafael, we go to the bedroom right now!”. Of course, we all heard this and laughed fun! ”

“But he did not even blush. Grandpa said that she was married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and now she is desirable for him as well as in her youth. ”
Of course, long-term relationships are built not only on passion.

The couple believes that they have lived so many years in a happy marriage, because they always respect each other and try not to attach particular importance to trivia.

“They care about each other,” says Leticia. – During the celebration grandfather watched closely whether the grandmother got a piece of cake. Although she has diabetes, and she can not eat cake at all. But he just wanted to share this moment with her. ”

Their granddaughter Leticia is 39, and she has already celebrated the 10th anniversary of her marriage. She says grandfather and grandmother taught her a lot in life.

A few more years together – and Nicholas and Rafael Ordaz will be able to set a new record: the longest marriage is now the union of Herbert and Zelmirs Fisher, who lived together for 86 years.

But in any case, the marriage of Nicholas and Raphael is a symbol of happiness and longevity. “As their memory grows worse,” says her granddaughter. “They forget the names of many people, but each other they will always remember.”

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