Male and female roles in the family
A real family can be depicted approximately as follows. Father is an outside circle, he is responsible for all the connections of the family with the outside world. For example,…

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Super Mom!
At work it is often necessary to delay, as there are so many things, and money for all the charms of life as always is not enough. Never even go…

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How to return the former: we eliminate 6 bugs of relationships
The operation on the return of the former always resembles a difficult chess party: we judge precisely the steps, come up with tricky combinations, analyze the situation and make strategically…

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ideas about love

How to become an ideal girlfriend

It is not difficult to locate people.

The characteristics of people’s relationships are very complicated. And so that from the status of “acquaintance” to become a “friend”, it takes a lot of time. After all, trust does not arise on a flat ground. He deserves to be earned. Show that you are the person you can rely on.

This article discusses the basic rules that will help you to locate people, create friends. But remember that a friend is a state of mind. Therefore, do all that is n the article, sincerely, without be said i Continue reading

The subtleties of communication with the former: the basics of sms-correspondence

It would seem that it could be simpler: she wrote an SMS, you answered, and talked. But it’s all on the surface. In reality, every communication between you carries two loads: semantic and emotional. The same case when the allocation of Caps Lock can be the beginning of a scandal, and a playful smiley – the beginning of new relationships. Here is an example of two completely different SMSs, with the same, seemingly, content: Continue reading

He sent himself – he is returning

Every fifth or sixth case in my practice involves the return of girls whom the boys abandoned themselves. The situation seems rather strange, but in reality it is a very common scenario. At first, we have relations where the balance of significance is shaken in favor of the guy who behaves appropriately – scores for a girl, does not value relations and demonstrates in every possible way that she is in his 20th place after fishing and a bar on Fridays. At some point the relationship collapses, but instead of the club or dating with new girls, a man turns out to be consulting me. Continue reading

Veronika Khatskevich, a psychologist, tells about dependencies
Dependent relationships can be called the curse of the modern era. Many people suffer from them today, and the main reason lies in the psychological separation of the child from…


Your girlfriend has found another
When a girl goes to another - it's always a double blow. You are deprived of your beloved woman and you acquire the complex of the loser, who was exchanged…